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Student Spotlight - Bethany Carr

Operating the Aves Hangar would not be possible without our dedicated team of PTO parents and student team members, led by Job Coach Ms. Emily Molina. The student team works in the store Monday-Friday, serving customers, monitoring and stocking inventory, and filling and sorting online orders. Just this year, the student team has filled almost 500 online orders! 

One of our stellar student team members over the last six years has been Bethany Carr, who has worked for the Aves Hangar as part of Sycamore's Work Study and Transition Internship Program (TIP) programs. Bethany graduated from Sycamore in 2018 and then started TIP. At the Aves Hangar, Bethany has learned all aspects of retail operations, mastering folding apparel and merchandising, and excelling at filling online orders.

Ms. Molina says, "She is always quick to greet everyone with a smile," making everyone feel welcome. In fact, that's Bethany's favorite advice...always smile! 

Over the years, Bethany has also successfully worked at other community sites and recently started a community-based paid employment experience at the Kroger in Loveland. Ms. Molina says, "Bethany will be a huge asset to the Kroger team, as she is a team player with a top-notch work ethic and is extremely dependable." 

As the fall semester ends, Bethany is graduating from Sycamore's TIP program, where she focused on expanding important employable skills, completing functional academics, and developing independent living skills. She has learned how to use Uber to get to work and has a long-term goal of someday living in her own apartment with a roommate, a cat, and a dog.  

Although Bethany says she's nervous to be leaving Sycamore and will miss her friends, she is looking forward to not getting up so early! We wish Bethany the absolute best as she moves on from TIP and know she'll be successful in her new job and achieving her goals. She will be missed, but as an Aviator, will always have a home in the Sycamore community. 


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Hey Bethany


hey Bethany

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